So you’ve made the decision to pack up your belongings and move to Dewsbury? Well, congratulations! Moving house is a big deal and should be done with care and caution. Whether this is your first time moving or you’re a professional mover, we have some tips to help pack your furniture properly.

Dewsbury is a minister town within the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, in West Yorkshire. It lies on the River Calder and an arm of its sister river–the Hebble Navigation Waterway, which cuts across England from Dorking to Huddersfield with two branches feeding into it here at both ends! 

The town of Dewsbury is located on the banks of a river and surrounded by water, which gave it its name.

If you are looking to move to this small town near Leeds, Dewsbury Removals can help you move your furniture safely as you settle into your new home. Dewsbury removal company offers exceptional moving services. Moving is hard, and this article will give you some helpful tips on making your Dewsbury move stress-free and safe for everyone involved.

This list should be followed to ensure that all your things are safe during moving house.

1. Filling empty spaces

Before your furniture is wrapped and secured, make sure you pack all drawers and cupboards with packing peanuts, paper, or other protective materials, so nothing gets damaged during transit. You should also place them on their sides if possible, as this prevents things from shifting around as opposed to upright storage. It may seem like extra work (and believe us, moving house isn’t fun!), but it ensures that your items remain undamaged now. It’s important to pack anything you intend to move carefully, so nothing gets harmed during transit. Dewsbury Removals only uses the highest quality materials for packing, and we cannot stress enough how important it is that your items remain in perfect condition throughout their journey!

2.Wrapping each item

To start with, take each piece of furniture one at a time and wrap it thoroughly with either bubble wrap, blankets or packing paper. For particularly delicate items, you may want to load the drawers separately with either bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or other protective materials to prevent movement during transit.

Make sure to pack glass tabletops by placing a layer of material between the tabletop and the base unit. Doing this can significantly prevent any unnecessary movements, which could cause damage to expensive glass tables, bedside units, etc.

3. Wrapping larger pieces of furniture

If your item is too large for standard wrapping material, take some sturdy cardboard and cut it down, so it’s big enough to accommodate the entire item. Then use packaging tape, duct tape, or strapping tape (anything that will keep it in place) along all four sides and add extra padding (stretchable packaging peanuts or bubble wrap) so it’s safe and snug. It’s essential to pack all the drawers in this instance, even if they are empty…it prevents any unnecessary movement.

4. Securing your furniture

After your item is wrapped securely, then comes the tricky part. There are many ways you can secure your items during transit, depending on whether it’s being shipped on a lorry or transported by airfreight. If it’s being moved on a lorry, which will be driven up until delivery at your new home, then simply pack using sturdy materials such as spacers and foam sheets. This ensures that there is no movement whatsoever during transport and it stays protected from potential harm.

For further information, check out our website at Dewsbury Removals. We use only the highest quality materials and pack anything carefully, so nothing gets damaged during transit. Give us a call today on 01924729860!

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