Indian food is quite well-known when it comes to its ability in capturing the palates of people with its amazing flavour. Other than that, if you are someone that loves spices, then there is no doubt that Indian foods will be one of your favourites to eat. Needless to say, whenever anyone talks about Indian food, curry is the very first thing that usually comes to mind for most people. It is after all, arguably the most popular type of Indian dish all over the world. 

For those people that are in Dewsbury and consider themselves as curry lovers, then there are plenty of Indian restaurants in town that can serve you with such a dish. However, if you want the best curry dishes, then there are a few restaurants that should be at the top of your list. With that being said, below are the three best Dewsbury Indian restaurants for those people that want great tasting curry dishes. 


Shama Restaurant 

Shama Restaurant - Picture of Shama Restaurant, Heckmondwike - Tripadvisor

Shama Restaurant is a curry house in Dewsbury that never disappoints when it comes to the curry dishes that they serve in a regular basis. This is the Indian restaurant that I frequent the most, and that’s because it is near my home. I usually stop by here on the way home from my house removals Dewsbury job to savour their meals that are always full of flavour and delicious. I personally think that this restaurant has impeccable high standards when it comes to their food service, and that is why I really love it. 



Armaan - Picture of Armaan, Dewsbury - Tripadvisor

Armaan is another great authentic Indian restaurant here in Dewsbury, and one that is well patronized by its curry loving customers. The Indian foods that they serve are always tasty and oozing with the right flavours. I personally love their magnificent lamb chops here, as well as their chicken pakoras. Given the amazing food that they serve here, and the very welcoming and proper service that they provide, this is a place that I am always excited to eat at. 



Samarkand - & similar nearby |

Samarkand is an Indian restaurant that is very close to my heart, and that’s because I have years of love for this place. Ever since I was a kid, my parents used to take me here, and I can happily say that this is the first place that opened my eyes to the wonderful flavours of Indian cuisine. This restaurant has an excellent menu with a wide range of authentic Indian foods to choose from, and that includes their heavenly curry dishes of course. They also have a very welcoming staff, as well as a great family friendly ambience, and that is something that has never changed from this place ever since I first stepped foot in it. 


So, if you are a curry lover and want to taste authentic curry dishes here in Dewsbury, then these are the best three restaurants for you to check out. Plenty of curry lovers flock to these restaurants, and that is only a testament on how amazing the dishes that they serve are. If you get the chance to visit or order from them, do grab that opportunity because you will certainly be very happy with the results. 

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