How much does it cost to remove furniture in the UK?

This depends on a few factors: how much furniture you need to transport, how far you need to move the furniture, and which removals service you choose for the job. If you choose Dewsbury Removals, you’ll find the price to be very affordable regardless of the scale of the assignment.


Who do I call to move furniture?

To move furniture safely, you should call an experienced local removals service with an excellent reputation. In Dewsbury, that’s us! We are happy to discuss your job over the phone and provide a quotation with no obligation to book. Whether your job is big or small, we’ll take it on.


How do I make sure that my furniture will be safe during the removals?

You can ensure your furniture is safe during removal by packaging it appropriately. This might include covering sharp corners, detaching removable accessories, and wrapping items in plastic so they’re safe from the rain. The most effective step you can take in protecting your furniture is hiring a skilled removals service.


Should I look for an insurance policy when doing furniture removals?

It really depends on the company you use. Most removals companies have their own insurance which will also cover your move. It’s a good idea to discuss this directly with your chosen removals firm as they’ll be able to explain the extent of the coverage and how it applies to your particular removals job.